Pinky and the Brain Meet Christmas

Start by watching this:  Pinky and the Brain (I will not tell you how many times I played this yesterday.  It makes me laugh out loud as if I were a child, which of course I’m not?)

Moms control the world.

Well, maybe not control it, but our influence is great.  We’re often the ones who set the tone for the whole house, which then pretty much trickles out to the planet.  So how a mom shapes Christmas for her household matters.

It hit me yesterday that I have done a grand job of simplifying December over the last several years -cutting way back on decorating and baking and shopping, but I haven’t done a fantastic job of filling the month with more worshipful activity.

This year, thanks to two ladies’ blogs I read yesterday, I discovered inexpensive ways to make an Advent wreath and to get a bookmark with daily Bible readings for Advent.

I always wanted a fancy, schmanzy Advent wreath but could never afford it.  After having my imagination stirred, I went all thrifty and made my own yesterday.  I dug through my hodge podge of candles and actually found four matching ones, three of them brand new!  Then I plunged into the old scrapbook supplies to find some sticker numbers.  After that I pulled out a “vintage” aluminum meat tray leftover from the supermarket, to display the candles on.  (It may need an upgrade, as the candles rattle on it every time we walk by.  Will check Good Will for this later.)

Advent candle holder

I printed out that Advent Bible reading bookmark, and I’m set.  Come December I’m gonna poor myself Frosted Mini-Wheats in the mornings and plop down at the table with my Bible and some matches.  I’m gonna light that first candle every day next week and meditate on the Scripture verse for the day.

It’s time for me to do something that will, in Pinky and the Brain style, “overthrow the earth”.  I sing along with them, “My plan will be unfurled before the dawning of the sun.”  (Good stuff, cartoons.)  The campaign to change the world begins with my daily time with God.

The people of earth are not prepared for the influence of a mom who knows God.

Bwa ha ha ha.


  1. Great post. Have you thought about an inexpensive piece of felt for the bottom of each candle? you can use scraps of any color since no one will see them, glue on and no more rattling!

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